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Meet Iaguito - My Therapy Cat

Meet Iaguito aka Iago. He’s a lovable and social Sphinx cat. Did you know that Sphinx are hairless? Yes, Iago is not covered in hair like other cats. Instead he’s covered in what can best be described as peach fuzz. That also means he’s considered a Hypoallergenic cat. Iago is eight years old and his favorite things to do are eat, sleep, and play. Iago is a great therapy cat to accompany your child in session because he’s gentle, kind, and has a way of making others feel at ease.


Why do I offer pet therapy?

My therapy animal is an additional tool I use to assist in treatment of highly anxious clients who would otherwise not feel comfortable enough to engage in sessions on their own.


Here are a few of the possible benefits of pet therapy with children:

  • Improves attention span in session

  • Increases comfort and sense of safety in session

  • Improves interaction and play behaviors in session


Want Iago to pay a visit?

Parents who would like Iago to accompany their child in session will need to schedule a visit in advance. Please be advised that not all children will be a good match for visits with Iago. The therapist, parent(s), and child must all agree to the appropriateness of pet therapy.


Disclaimer: Iago is a therapy animal and not a service animal. He has not received any formal training to perform any specific task.

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